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Welcome to my web site. I have tried to have new relatively different images rather that the same illusions that are covered by so many sites. Some of the pages (e.g. Mach Bands) serve as backgrounds. But, some of the pages (e.g., Mach Extensions) focus on newer material, or different variants.More will be added in the near future.

The images of Dynamic Luminance were accepted as on the the top ten illusions in the second Best Visual Illusion of the Year Contest that was held during the Vision Sciences Society meeting May, 2006. Simone Gori showed a related phenomenon with other circular figures on demo night at the Vision Sciences Society. He called his effect the Breathing Light Illusion. We have combined efforts and have published a preliminary paper in Perception. This site contains many examples of these illusions.

Some pages have been added that show illusory-contours phenomena, a number of which involved photographic studies used in a presentation for the 2008 meeting of the Vision Sciences Society .


photographic illusory countour